The Southern Spirit

What is The Southern Spirit?

It is a feeling of invitation, grace, hospitality, servant hearts and forgiveness.

It's loving thy neighbor as yourself.

It's sweet tea, family dinners, pie and prayers. It's carrying a legacy that the first time you come to our home you are a guest but the next visit; you're family. 

It is fundamental principles of God first, family next and hospitality always.

With this definition in mind, we strive to provide curated products that showcase small business artisans, small-batch, socially conscious makers, who share our beliefs on giving back to the world around us as much as possible. 

It is important that we are intentional and offer home decor and gifts that can help you carry The Southern Spirit into your home, or to share with others.

We are focused on hospitality and giving back to our local community and the world we inhabit. 

With every purchase made, proceeds are gifted to a featured charity. Always. We will not only have our own ideas about which charities to donate to, but will be looking to you, our extended family, to give us input on which causes are important to you, as well.