16oz Body Wash

16oz Body Wash

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Choose 16oz body wash to change your regular cleansing routine and give you a nurtured, smooth skin after every use.

This body wash is a specific liquid product, used for cleaning your body during showers. It is full of fragrance, made up of different ingredients. It will Nourish your skin and provide enough moisture.

After using this body wash, your skin will become soft, smooth, and great smelling. The milk used in a 16oz body wash softly soothes and nurtures sensitive skin. Honey is used to naturally clarifying the skin.

It will help to add radiance to all skin kinds. Lotus is used to give you a good fragrance while taking shower. It will provide moisture to sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a moisturizing body wash for sensitive skin or nurturing body wash for smooth skin, these body washes are perfect for you.

Our 16oz body wash helps you to attain fine-looking, hydrated skin during your regular skincare routine. It also comes up with goat milk lotion that will moisturize your skin and make them soft and smooth.

16oz body wash with a variant for every skin requirement, you are certain to find a mild, chemical-free body wash you like.

Made In Texas

Wash your way to cleaner, great-smelling skin with our basic body wash.

 The scent lingers throughout the day. 

It comes in a shower-safe plastic bottle with a generous 17oz of soap. Pairs well with the coordinating Goat Milk Lotion for a fragrance that will last all day. 

Interesting Fact

My #1 has got ridiculously sensitive skin that breaks out in a full-body rash when coming in contact with common chemicals that most of us can tolerate. 

Since goat milk soap is all she can use, goat milk soap was gettin’ made.  My recipe is simple and wholesome.

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