17oz Hand Soap(5 Scents)

17oz Hand Soap(5 Scents)

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Simplified 17oz Hand Soap

Choose a 17oz hand wash to wash your hands and to get rids of germs. Plus, it will lock enough moisture as well. Your skin becomes soft and smooth after regular use. The dryness of skin will be removed, skin becomes like silk.

It comes up with five different scents that will give you good smelling hands. It is a perfect hand wash for all skin types, made up of natural ingredients, which cause no harm to the skin.

The milk used in all variants of 17oz hand wash will make your skin soft, clean, and white. It can remove all germs from your hands and keep you safe, hygienic, and protected.

It is budget-friendly. You can place it in your bathroom and kitchen sinks or can carry this with you during traveling.

17oz hand wash gives your hand the care and maintenance that they deserve. The hand washes effectually remove dirt, and oil from your hands, with a rich texture that will make your skin smooth and soft. Washing your hand is an important task to do but washing hands with favorite hand wash is an enjoyable step.

Made In Texas

This liquid hand soap will fit in perfectly next to your kitchen or bathroom sink with its classic good looks and 17oz size. 

It is sure to leave your skin feeling like silk and smelling great.

Interesting Fact about Simplified

My #1 has got ridiculously sensitive skin that breaks out in a full-body rash when coming in contact with common chemicals that most of us can tolerate. 

Since goat milk soap is all she can use, goat milk soap was gettin’ made.  

My recipe is simple and wholesome. 

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