Dead Sea Bath Salt

Dead Sea Bath Salt

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Made In Texas

Harness the detoxifying powers of the Dead Sea's unique salts. 

Bath salts are known to draw moisture into your skin while detoxing your pores at the same time. 

Lightly scented, beautifully colored with all natural micas, and packaged in a low-waste zip pouch bag. 

20oz total product weight.

Contains: Dead Sea salts, magnesium sulfate (epsom salts), dendritic salts, fragrance, mica

Interesting fact about Simplified 

My #1 has got ridiculously sensitive skin that breaks out in a full-body rash when coming in contact with common chemicals that most of us can tolerate. 

Since goat milk soap is all she can use, goat milk soap was gettin’ made.  My recipe is simple and wholesome.