Fiesta Skinny Bounce

Fiesta Skinny Bounce

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From Cobian, the Fiesta Bounce™ features:
  • Squishy EVA top-sole
  • Comfortable fabric strap
  • Multi-density foot-bed
  • Arch support

At Cobian, we understand that passing down knowledge to the next generation is one of the best investments you can make. Built on a generational heritage of sandal making themselves, sibling co-founders John and Claudia Cobian, drew upon their Hispanic family roots in Guadalajara, Mexico to learn the craftsmanship and artisanry of sandal design and manufacturing. In the early 50’s, John Cobian’s godfather founded Calzaletas in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Soon thereafter, Calzaletas known for its “Fisherman Sandal” became the country’s largest supplier, manufacturing over 20 million pair per year. It didn’t take long for adventurous surfers traveling the rugged Mexican mainland to return to the USA with this durable yet affordable sandal.

The growing popularity of the Surf Culture in the early 80’s created a burgeoning demand for sandals stateside. Inspired by the growing market opportunity, John improved upon the original Calzaletas design, ultimately creating a unique DNA for Cobian Footwear. Today, the Cobian brand still draws upon the time tested approach of Form Follows Function to create practical designs at affordable prices.

We thank you for choosing Cobian, as it ultimately enables us to fulfill our mission of showing love to those around us, while being salt and light in a chaotic world.

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